Components & Services: a Sponsor Directory

PHN celebrates the benefits that high-quality components, design, and construction provide – necessary to make truly robust and sustainable Passive House buildings.

 We understand the need for high-quality Passive House education and training, across industry stakeholders, to change how people think about buildings, value components, and do their work.

These manufacturers and suppliers share our values and mission, providing industry leading know-how and high-quality components. Take advantage of them.


Climate specific levels of continuous insulation is the first principle of Passive House performance. These manufacturers are leaders in high-performance, low-carbon and low environmental impact insulations.  Find out more.

Manufacturer of Ultra-Lightweight Foamed Glass Aggregate (UL-FGA)

UL-FGA are ultra-lightweight aggregates produced from 100% post-consumer recycled glass. The aggregates have a highly frictional surface and combined with a low unit weight, non-reactivity, high permeability, and insulating properties, foamed glass aggregate is ideal as a lightweight and insulating backfill.

Owens Corning is a global building and industrial materials leader. The company’s three integrated businesses are dedicated to the manufacture and advancement of a broad range of insulation, roofing and fiberglass composite materials.  

ROCKWOOL Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool. We produce products that are made from stone – one of the earth’s most abundant natural resources.
ROCKWOOL’s non-combustible stone wool insulation is ideal for reaching passive house standards because it fits easily into the building and stays in shape over time, lets vapour pass through, is long-lasting and fire-safe.

Airtightness & Vapor Control

Airtight assemblies drive efficiency, comfort and provide the foundation for excellent indoor air quality. With airtightness (and insulation) vapor control is critical to make long-lasting durable assemblies. Find out more.

Windows, Doors and Roof Skylights

Windows, doors, and roof skylights form part of the continuous insulation and airtightness, while providing views, natural ventilation options and yes, passive heat gains.  Make sure you address shading and avoid excessive overheating and air conditioning requirements. Find out more.

High-Efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilation

With a well insulated and airtight enclosure in place, high-quality indoor air is assured with high-performance ventilation that can recover over 90% of the heat in the exhaust stream – providing comfortable 100% fresh air to all occupants. Find out more.

Heating & Cooling Mechanical Systems

Typically Passive House buildings do need a heating system and often will need mechanical cooling (think heatwaves) and even dehumidification in certain climates.  Passive House doesn’t eliminate needed systems but should radically reduce the load and resulting required capacity. Very low-load systems that can provide heating and cooling, eliminate fossil fuel use are becoming the norm. Find out more.

Services: Architects, Consultants, Engineers, Certifiers & More

Passive House is a team sport. Including Passive House goals on day one of the project process and collecting the resources and professionals to successfully deliver on those goals is vital. Find out more.