Introductory Passive House Courses: Overview

Introductory Passive House training courses are important if you:

  • Are interested in Passive House but are unlikely to need a full professional Passive House education
  • Are interested in getting a full professional education but want to go in step-by-step.
Carrick Library, Certified Passive House, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania - NK Architects

Introductory Passive House courses are for everyone interested in Passive House. There’s a free 1-hour training, a half-day training, and one specifically for builders. If you’re unsure about Passive House, these courses are a great way to started, one step at a time.

Core courses provide a professional certification for those working on Passive House buildings and want a recognized credential. This includes the CPHD course for architects, consultants & engineers, and the CPHT course for builders, and tradespeople.

Specialized Passive House courses provide expert training as particular roles may require, including the design and energy modeling software DesignPH, the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) and Therm. It includes deeper dives into retrofits, windows and more.

Half-Day Introduction to the Passive House Standard

Building certification is much more than proof of a building’s high quality, the certification process is an invaluable apprenticeship to the project team, as you work with experienced building certifiers. You learn from the experience of others.

More Information:
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