Introductory Passive House Courses: Overview

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Introductory Passive House training courses are important if you:

Are interested in Passive House but are unlikely to need a full professional Passive House education

Are interested in getting a full professional education but want to go in step-by-step.

From our partners:

Passive House goals and methodology change the way architects and builders think and work, making the architecture itself a driver of performance. Dive into the basic principles, history, and the new frontiers of Passive House as it challenges  industry expectations.

This is a 4-hour course that dives into the basic principles, history, certification, and the new frontiers of Passive House. All theory is then illustrated through several case studies outlining specific Passive House principles and the integrated methodology.

This course is oriented to builders. It covers Passive House basics, reviews typical construction types, windows and installation, air barriers and insulation and new, innovative PH products, proper installation of components, and much more. .

Gain insights on how Passive house standards are applied to existing buildings. Learn about unique Passive House certification standards for retrofitted buildings. Course is useful for a professionals, builders, constultants, owners and more.