Build Back Better with Passive House

The meaning of a home is fundamental.

Passive House is a tool, an integrated approach focused on building fundamentals that support our deep desires for home –  comfort, health, security, affordability, and standing for a better world.


The most important decision you’ll make about the ultimate performance of your home is whether Passive House is fully engaged from the beginning of the rebuilding process. Don’t shoehorn it in. The magic of Passive House is that because it’s fully integrated, it’s everywhere and nowhere. It let’s your home, be your home. 

We encourage you to start the journey, on day one, with Passive House.

Community Resources Supporting You

Passive House is a building standard but it’s also a global community to support you. The secret superpower of Passive House is the knowledge sharing and mutual support – the generosity. Tap into the community, the consultants, certifiers, designers, builders and owners – peers helping peers. It can feel overwhelming, but step -by-step, you can move expeditiously and achieve an affordable high-quality home, that will serve you well into the future. 

Read local Boulder Passive House builder, Mark Attard’s open letter on his sense of the moment.

Don’t be shy, it’s an open community and we welcome you!

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Professional Training & Support

Passive House is not rocket science, it’s simple and basic building science, applied with intention. 

Builders and Architects: There are direct pathways to gain the few critical skills needed to deliver reliable high-performance homes. It’s not about re-inventing the wheel, it’s about focus, and integrated thinking.  You really have the skills, Passive House training simply brings them to the fore and perhaps unexpectedly transforms your expectations of building performance. Don’t hesitate, don’t build the last 20th Century home – instead build the future. 

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Building Certification is Important for Many Reasons

Building certification can be the gateway to financial incentives and hence the incentives a driver of certification, but don’t lose site of the massive opportunities certification provides well beyond the transaction. There are many many important reasons to certify. When you certify your home will be much better for it, the team will be better, your life will be better.  We have identified five basic reasons.


Find a Building Certifier to Support Your Home Rebuild

There are over 20 individual certifiers and 13 organizations active in the US constituting an unparalleled community of knowledge and support. Download the brochure and discuss the possibilities with your professionals.