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Join The Passive House Network (PHN) for a hybrid on-demand CPHD training with live-online reviews and site visit(s) for professionals in NY, NJ, MA, CT, NH, VT, ME, and RI.


Starts September 9th.

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Rocky Mountains

Join The Passive House Network (PHN) for a hybrid on-demand CPHD training with live-online reviews and site visit(s) for professionals in ID, MT, WY, CO, and NM.

Co-hosted with Passive House Rocky Mountains.

Starts September 9th.

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Looking to make your own schedule? Join The Passive House Network (PHN) for an on-demand CPHD training to be taken at your own pace.

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Course Overview

In the Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant (CPHD/C) course, you will learn the core principles of Passive House design. You will discover why Passive House buildings perform better than traditionally constructed buildings, and develop your knowledge, and skill, to integrate Passive House standards and methods into any building project. 

You’ll realize how design approaches can be optimized in an integrated way to meet the health, comfort, security and affordability requirements of your clients – never before thought possible or realistic. The course is a critical step in changing one’s building vocabulary, and the focus of conversations and changes expectations, within your company, with consultants and with owners. Once you’ve taken the CPHD course you’ll never look at buildings the same way again.

The course work typically runs over 12 weeks and can be on-demand only or hybrid formats depending on your preference.  The course is structured to be flexible in timing, yet get you to the exam date prepared for the test and ready for designing and building.


The CPHD/C training is a specially designed for professionals in the U.S. construction industry. It features Passive House calculations in Imperial units (rather than metric) and has a variety of case studies both U.S. and international examples. Regardless, of what type of projects you design, the Passive House standard can be applied. Find out how passive house standards work with residential, commercial, or institutional projects, or with new and retrofit construction.

The Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant training is a core course for building design professionals. The CPHD/C course provides you with training that is recognized internationally through Passive House Institute (PHI). This course will prepare you for PHI’s Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant exam.

Find out more about the CPHD/C exam.

Learn the difference between PHI’s Certified Passive House Designer and Certified Passive House Consultant designa

Why attend this course?

  • Gain a strong foundation in passive house principles, and their application, that can influence all your building projects, including single-family, multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, and industrial.
  • Learn Passive House standards and calculations using Imperial units rather than metric.
  • Develop the skills needed to calculate for high-performance buildings.
  • Explore case studies of passive house buildings from a variety of projects, and learn best practices and design tips for different conditions.
  • Learn the core requirements for all certified passive house designers and consultants so that you can take the certification exam.
  • Once you pass the certification exam, you’ll possess an internationally regarded professional credential demonstrating leadership in high-performance, low-energy building design.

Course Takeaways

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:


Who Should Attend

The Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant course was developed for a wide range of student profiles include architects, MEP and structural engineers, facade, energy and sustainability consultants, contractors, developers, policymakers, regulators, and more.

Participants' Course Highlights

“I took NAPHN’s live online CPHD training course in May 2020. There was a lot of detailed information to cover but the course materials were very well organized & easy to follow, and the instructors were excellent. Their mastery of the subjects presented was obvious from the beginning, and their communications skills were outstanding. I felt the students & instructors built a “virtual” camaraderie over the course of the week that made me look forward to reconnecting each morning. I can’t recommend this course highly enough!”
Juhani Kelvin

"I'm enjoying learning more about airtightness and how to deal with it."

- Course Participant

"[The] importance of designing details to prevent moisture getting trapped in an exterior wall assembly, to avoid, thermal bridge, and to make sure airtightness to prevent air leakage."

- Course Participant

"I think the highlight is the testing of airtightness."

- Course Participant

"Economic calculations are useful in many fields and it's great to have them explained clearly and concisely."

- Course Participant

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Which course option is right for you?

The contents and main course handouts are all the same, but how you choose to take the course gives you different additional benefits and features. Take a look below to see how each option is unique.


The below pricing is specific to the CPHD/C course only. For additional information about the exam see the exam page.

To receive certification credentials and some incentives, the exam must be passed.

Register for the course and exam bundle and receive additional savings on the course.

The CPHD/C On-Demand course features 2 mandatory Live-Online webinars that allow you to dive deeper into PH calculations with a trainer and other course participants.

This course includes some exam preparation materials, so students can begin preparations prior to exam registration and the more formal exam preparation process.

Students can complete the course in about 10-12 week when spending about 1-2 hours per week on content.

The On-Demand course is divided into cohorts which is designed to help participants pace themselves to be ready for a specific CPHD/C exam. If students are interested in a later exam they can still be apart of the current cohort but would register for the later exam, or unspecified date.


Starting at $1665
  • 5 full day sessions
  • Online resources
  • Meet your Peers
  • Quickest-Pace
  • Great for Groups and Teams
  • Sessions not recorded
  • Currently Limited Dates & Locations

The CPHD/C In-Person course includes online supplemental materials for students to check their knowledge and review content.

Enjoy learning Face-to-Face. Ask questions and get immediate answers from trainers. Learn and discuss with your peers before, during, and after sessions.

5-Day Course Outline


  • Day 1: Introduction to Passive House principles, with an in-depth look at enclosure insulation & thermal bridging: principles, calculations, details, systems and components.
  • Day 2: Enclosure airtightness and windows: principles, calculations, details, systems and components.
  • Day 3: Ventilation, heating, cooling, dehumidification and domestic hot water: principles, calculations, details, systems and components.
  • Day 4: PHPP energy model and calculating building energy balance.
  • Day 5: Retrofits, economics, certifications and exam preparation.


Anywhere. Synchronous.
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  • 5 full day sessions
  • Online resources
  • Meet your Peers
  • No commute
  • Quick-Pace
  • Great for Groups and Teams
  • Sessions not recorded

Live-Online is available for groups only at this time.

The CPHD/C Live-Online course includes online supplemental materials for students to check their knowledge and review content.

Ask questions and get immediate answers from trainers. Learn with your peers and discuss passive house.

In-House Certified Passive House Designer Training

Learn more about the In-House CPHD training options available for company of Passive House team.


Course Schedule & Registration

*Save on the course by bundling the course with the exam.

On-Demand Sessions

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In-Person Sessions

In-Person sessions are being schedule for later this year and 2023 in select locations. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Live Online Sessions

Live-Online is available for groups only at this time.

Things to Know

Course Completion Requirements

For PHN On-Demand courses all lessons, topics, and quizzes must be marked complete; any required webinars must be attended; AND the post-training survey must be completed.

For In-Person & Live-Online single day courses, 100% attendance is required to receive a course completion certificate.

For In-Person & Live-Online multi-day courses, no more than 2 hours can be missed to receive a course completion certificate.

Continuing Education Credits

Courses with continuing education credits (AIA or PHI) are noted in the course details section.

AIA credits for Live-Online and In-Person Courses will be reported to AIA by PHN if a participant provides their AIA number during registration. All other participants can use the certificate of completion to report continuing education credits either to AIA, or other agencies that recognize the AIA CE credits.

PHI credits are self-reporting. Find out a courses PHI course number. Report PHI credits.

Technical Requirements

Live-Online and On-Demand courses require a personal computer or laptop with a good internet connection speeds and audio listening capabilities. A web-camera is optional but preferred for Live-Online sessions. Preferred web browsers are Firefox, Chrome, or Chromium-based browsers.

In-Person courses do not require laptops or other devices, unless specifically mentioned. Although a laptop, or other note-taking equipment (pen and paper) are encouraged.

Learning Platform

The PHN learning platform provides instant access to almost all On-Demand courses and some Live-Online courses.

Transfers, Cancellations, & Refunds

Education & Training FAQs

For more information about PHN education, training, and courses, check out our FAQs. (Coming soon)

Group Training

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