Ice Box Challenge

A public installation event that demonstrates the power of Passive House design and construction.

The Ice Box Challenge is coming to Colorado!

As part of the 2023 Passive House Network Conference happening in Denver, the Ice Box Challenge will be held in Fort Collins, Louisville and Denver. 

  • Fort Collins, July 2023
  • Louisville, August 2023
  • Denver, September 2023

Precise locations and dates to be determined.


Public events are planned for the placement of the ice and the reveal at the end, with remarks by public and private supporters of the effort.

During the 2-week period of exhibition, volunteers will engage public visitors and explanatory events can be planned to engage school, camp or other groups of kids and adults.

A free game to guess the final weights of the ice in each box will offer prizes to the closest guesses.


Two boxes are constructed, one box to the local building requirements, while the other is built to the international Passive House Standard. The two boxes are then placed in a central, high foot-traffic area for a set period of time – usually two weeks.

Both are filled with 1 ton of ice. Monitoring devices and cameras inside the boxes can measure the temperatures and photograph the depleting ice.

The amount of ice left in each box at the end of the display period is then measured, and the level of remaining ice is used to demonstrate how well each ice box kept out the heat.

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