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Passive House is the only construction standard that radically cuts carbon emissions from buildings.

Essential Training

If you’re unsure about Passive House, these courses are a great way to start, one step at a time. There’s a free 1-hour training, a half-day training, and one specifically for builders.  More>>

Gain a professional certification and work on Passive House buildings with a recognized credential. This includes the CPHD course for architects, consultants & engineers, and the CPHT course for builders, and tradespeople.  More>>

Get expert training as a particular role may require.  This includes the design and energy modeling software like PHPP, Therm, and Design PH, and includes deeper dives into retrofits, windows, operations, and more.  More>>

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Why The Passive House Network?

You’re committed to creating a sustainable built environment, but do the buildings you deliver meet your ambitious climate, health and social goals? Do they slash carbon emissions?

Passive House is the only building methodology that radically cuts carbon emissions from building operations, and we provide high-quality Passive House education to stakeholders across the building industry, that gets you across the goal line. 

Our courses connect your design and construction decisions to dramatically effective, proven results. Working in partnership with the Passive House Institute and the International Passive House Association, we provide a global knowledge community to scale these efforts.

We see a world where you are empowered to make the choices that drive building performance, and successfully transform the built environment to meet the awesome challenge of our climate emergency.

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