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Passive House is the only construction methodology that radically cuts carbon emissions from buildings.

Why The Passive House Network?

You’re committed to creating a sustainable built environment, but do the buildings you deliver meet your ambitious climate, health and social goals? Do they slash carbon emissions?

Passive House is the only building methodology that radically cuts carbon emissions from building operations, and we provide high-quality Passive House education to stakeholders across the building industry, that gets you across the goal line. 

Our courses connect your design and construction decisions to dramatically effective, proven results. Working in partnership with the Passive House Institute and the International Passive House Association, we provide a global knowledge community to scale these efforts.

We see a world where you are empowered to make the choices that drive building performance, and successfully transform the built environment to meet the awesome challenge of our climate emergency.

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Become a Certified Passive House Professional or Tradesperson

This is a high-performance building literacy program. You will gain the knowledge to ask better questions, provide solutions, and deliver truly sustainable buildings.

Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD)

Fundamental knowledge  and credential for working on Passive House buildings. You won’t look at buildings the same way again.

Certified Passive House Tradesperson

The fundamentals, yet distilled for builder’s concerns – providing a credential and key knowledge to make those early projects successes. Get building lessons you can bring to all your projects.

Becoming a Certified Designer or Tradesperson is just the beginning.

Passive House Planning Package (PHPP)

The PHPP is an energy modeling and design tool that empowers you to deliver predictable results. You can’t make a Passive House without it. This in-depth dive will get you off on the right foot and leverage the power of the PHPP to design with energy flows.

Thermal Bridging Calculations

As with the PHPP, thermal bridge calculations are essential for delivering predictable performance and cost effectiveness. Close the loop. The on-demand format let’s you pause and repeat until you know you’ve got it.

Retrofits Suite

A multi-part series renovating to the Passive House EnerPHit Standard across construction and building types. 



This multi-part course demystifies windows and doors, the specifications, the design considerations and installation strategies. 


Design PH

DesignPH course gets you on the road to iterate designs early and often – helping the flow of optimization and project delivery.



PHribbon training so you can calculate embodied carbon impacts within the flow of PHPP. It will be the new normal.



Join The Passive House Network

Become a PHN member and enjoy discounts across trainings and events, special access to PHI resources and join in conversation at Chapter meetings and other events.

Connect to Passive House Practioners

Our Member Director gives you access to a range of Passive House professionals, students and advocates across the United States. Find a practitioner near you, and get the work started.

Participate in Events

The annual national & international conferences, symposiums, presentations and workshops –  these ongoing events and more – give you access to a global knowledge network.

See a Global Project Database

Passive House buildings have been successfully realized in every climate and every building type. Dig into the advanced search. See that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Find a building certifier before you start

Passive House building certifiers support you in delivering a cost-effective successful project, leaving you with a deeper understanding for the next job.

Policymaker Roundtables & Reports

Working over the years on policy and Passive House, we’ve gathered some useful resources to help cities and states build momentum. Make your region a sustainability leader.

Do you qualify for building financial incentives?

More and more jurisdictions are financially incentivizing Passive House development, from market rate to affordable housing and retrofits. Find out if your project qualifies.

Do you qualify for training financial incentives?

If you’re a Black professional or live in Connecticut or Massachusetts, you qualify for financial support.  Utility incentives combined with our fellowship make the CPHD training accessible to all.

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