Member Resources

We will be providing member resources to fortify your Passive House experience and also to empower you to advocate through education to your networks, your circle of influence.  Let’s enlarge the reach and effectiveness of Passive House together.

1-HR Introduction to Passive House
Slide Deck for Member Use

Dear Members, 

It is in introducing the full concept of Passive House and discussing it with new people that new conversations happen, new expectations open and people start to see buildings differently.  People start to see the potential like we do, and opens the door for a change in building culture.  Nothing less is required in our climate emergency. 

Please download the slide deck and script guidelines and make it your own. View the on-demand version and let me know if you have questions. Whenever you have the opportunity to present the introduction to a group of people, no matter how small, go for it! 

– Ken Levenson, Executive Director

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