CPHD/C Continuing Education & Certification Renewal

Certified Passive House Designer

There is only one way to renew CPHD certification status:

  • Submit a certified passive house project you’ve worked on: Those who are actively working on certified Passive House projects (designing, building, etc) may use project documentation to renew their certification and maintain Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant status. The documentation is submitted through any of the building certfiers – see a list of certifiers serving the US market. Learn more about the documentation required and process in the section “Design and document a certified Passive Houseon this page.

In order to maintain some level of certification while not working on a certified Passive House project, a CPHD may renew as a Consultant via continuing education credits – see below. Consultants can then re-obtain Designer certification at any time by submitting documentation for a certified building provided that Designer certification was obtained originally. 

Certified Passive House Consultant

There are 2 ways to renew your certification status:

  • Submit a certified passive house project you’ve worked on: see above.
  • Obtain 100 continuing education credits: see below.

For renewal, it is necessary to provide proof of 100 credit points (PHI CPs) which must have been acquired within the validity period of the previous certificate (5 years). One learning unit (45 minutes) equates to 1 PHI CP. Of the 100 PHI CPs, 70 at the most may be acquired in one of three possible areas: Continuing Education, Participating in Events and Teaching Activities, please see chapter 5.2.1 of the exam regulations

Certified Passive House Consultant status is ideal for researchers, instructors, and other professionals who are not actively working on certified Passive House projects. CPHC status can be obtained and/or maintained through continuing education credits. Through a wide selection of approved classes, events, and activities you can expand your Passive House knowledge while maintaining your certification.

  • Search for qualified continuing education classes/events here.
  • Learn more about renewing your certificate as a Consultant through continuing education credits here.
  • NAPHN offers continuing education opportunities. Attending NAPHN’s annual conference including pre-conference workshops and post-conference tours are additional ways to obtain continuing education credits.

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How often do I need to renew my certification?

Every 5 Years.

How many credit points do I need to renew my certificate as a consultant?

100 PHI credit points. 

Can I obtain continuing education credits at the NAPHN Conferences?

NAPHN Conferences, pre-conference workshops, and post-conference tours are all great opportunities to receive continuing education credits.

Does NAPHN report my credits or do I?

All continuing education credits are self-reported by the student to PHI. For NAPHN events and conferences, NAPHN will provide certificates of attendance for students on request.

Who certifies Passive House projects?

Passive House Institute is the only entity that certifies projects. NAPHN does not certify.

Is it true that I can only maintain Designer status through work on a certified passive house project?

Yes. However, you may maintain some level of certification and renew as a Consultant through continuing education credits. As a Consultant you can then re-obtain Designer certification at any time by submitting documentation for a certified building using this link.

Where can I find approved classes or events for Designer/Consultant certificate renewal?

Search for some qualified continuing education classes/events here and here.

My certificate has already expired or is about to expire, what can I do?

By submitting a project documentation, it is possible to renew a certificate at any time, even if your certificate has already expired some time ago. Learn more here

I have done many Passive House buildings, but owners don’t wish to pay for certification.

A possible solution: You can also apply for certification yourself. This is worth considering in the case of smaller projects with low certification costs! Please contact one of the many building certifiers around the world here

I did not quite achieve the Passive House Standard despite my best efforts.

Certified Passive House buildings or EnerPHit retrofits, PHI Low Energy Buildings are also suitable for project documentation

I cannot find my course or event in the list of continuing education events.

Send an email with confirmation of your attendance and the agenda of the event to the Passive House Institute: [email protected]

How do I submit my renewal through credit points to PHI?

Fill out this document and submit to PHI.

  • If you attend an event or advanced training fill in the event ID number which can be found on the list of ap­proved courses/events. One learning unit (45 minutes) equates 1 CP. Be sure to attach the respective confirmations of participation.
  • If you gave a course please fill in this form.  Send in to [email protected]

I can’t find a specific course or event, what can I do?

Please contact the host of the event. They may submit their courses/events, including previous events to PHI to be recognized for certificate renewal by completing this form.

Is there a fee to renew my certification?

The Pass­ive House In­sti­tu­te will check your application, request payment of specified fee and after the successful renewal of the cer­ti­fic­ate, send the cer­ti­fic­ate in di­git­al form via email.