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PHN presents (formerly NAPHN LIVE) is a free educational platform that offers a range of Passive House experts presenting on a wide range of Passive House topics. If the subject matter qualifies, the presentations offer AIA and PHI continuing education credits to attendees. 

How to Retrofit Buildings in a Climate Emergency: Stepwise EnerPHit

Tuesday, December 7

Description:  British Columbia is a front line in our climate emergency. Recent cascading catastrophes there throw into stark relief the call to upgrade our existing building stock to mitigate against and adapt to this emerging climate siege. As policies change how owners think about retrofits, EnerPHit offers a comprehensive step-by-step approach to avoid locking-in low performance and deliver buildings that fully leverage building performance and provide effective shelter. Learn from leading Passive House expert, Monte Paulsen, about the policies, the past missteps, and the view toward long-term planning for high-performance retrofits. Learn about the application of the EnerPHit standard and stepwise process to single-family and multifamily building examples. 


AIA 1 LU | PHI 1 Credit (TBD)

Learning Objectives:

  1. Outline what challenges policymakers and building owners face in implementing high-performance building retrofit solutions that address the severity of the climate crisis.
  2. Describe the EnerPHit standard.
  3. Outline how the EnerPHit standard may be applied in a long-term planned stepwise manner.
  4. Describe examples of how this strategy can be applied to single-family and multifamily buildings.


Monte Paulsen

Among Canada’s most experienced Passive House professionals, Monte leads a multi-city Passive House team that has consulted on or certified more than 70 projects—totaling 4 million square feet—including homes, offices, affordable mid-rise buildings, and luxury high-rise buildings. Monte is also a veteran Passive House Trainer who has helped more than 100 professionals earn their Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD) credential. His courses range from a one-day Passive House 101 overview to the multi-day workshop A Pattern Language for Passive House. Monte was a founding board member and volunteer at the not-for-profit organization Passive House Canada, and previously managed his own Passive House consulting firm, which merged with RDH in 2016.

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