PH2020 Conference Sessions

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All the NAPHN 2020 Conference Sessions are available to NAPHN Members here:

Roundtable #1: Deciding To Do It – How Owners Choose Passive House
Roundtable #2: How Owners Do It. Making Passive House Good Business
Roundtable #3: Owners Feedback Loop: Occupancy, Measurement, and Management

Passive Assets: Using the Data to Underwrite Passive House Financing
Own Your Passive House Development Process Too: Hitting Milestones & Budgets
NYC Public Schools: An Education in Passive House Performance
Retrofit Everything: Scaling Action in New York and Ontario
Historic Preservation, Use Conversion & Affordable Development: An EnerPHit Story
What’s Your Buildings Carbon Footprint?
Is Your Materials Pallete Ready for the Growing Focus on Embodied Carbon?
Keep Your Students Healthy & Funders Happy: Passive House Matriculates
China Goes Passive House
Vancouver & New York State: Two Climate Leaders Show Their Cards
Buildings of Excellence: Case Studies in Elevated Expectations
It’s About the Outside Air: Why Passive House Ventilation is the Invisible Hand of High Performance
Heat Pumps Are Everywhere! Critical Data & Applications in the Passive House Context
Why Does Covid-19 Hate Passive House? Strategies to Mitigate the Spread of Viruses
Density is Good & Infill is Best: A Mass Timber Passive House Case Study & Call to Action
Regulations Are Changing Everything: how Passive House Helps Mitigate Growing Risks
How Smart is Your Data? What We’re Collecting and What it Means
PHPP & Dynamic Energy Models: Understanding An Evolving Relationship
Making PER Work for Large Multifamily Buildings: Tools for Futureproofing
High-Performance Highrise Enclosures
What Next? A Closing Plenary Discussion