Passive House Retrofits: Part 1

Part 1 of the Passive House Retrofit Series introduces participants to the unique circumstances in design and retrofitting conventional architecture to the passive house standard.

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Passive House Standards are not just for new construction. Existing structures can benefit from upgrading airtightness, insulation, reducing thermal bridging, upgrading to high performance doors and windows, and adding energy recovery ventilation. Applying the passive house standards to existing structure however, has its own unique challenges.

In this course, you’ll review the passive house standards and take a closer look at how they apply to retrofitting existing buildings, as well as the EnerPHit certifications for building with successful retrofits.

PHRetrofit Aug 18 2021

AIA Credits

This course is available for 4 AIA LU/HSW Credits.

PHI Credits

This course is pending PHI Continuing Education Credits.

Course Info

  • Retrofit Introduction
  • EnerPHit Certifications
  • Passive House Principles
  • Passive House Envelope
  • Passive House HVAC systems
  • Passive House Modeling and Design Evaluation



  • Introduction to the Passive House Standard Course


  • Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant course
  • OR Certified Passive House Tradesperson course
  • Computer with internet access

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August 18, 2021

1 PM – 5 PM ET


How many Retrofit courses are there?

Currently there is only one (1) retrofit course that we provide. We have plans for a multi-part retrofit series with the additional courses beginning to be released in the upcoming year.

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