2022 PHN Conference

Call For Papers & Ideas

2022 PHN Passive House Conference:
Passive House For All


June 15-17, 2022

Deadline: 12/01/2021

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We're at a decisive moment. How can our building industry, our communities, financial institutions and everyday building occupants drive transformational change?

We think Passive House education and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing has the power to change our vocabulary, our conversations, and our culture. Let's expand the conversation. We want your ideas, your proposals, for our 2022 Passive House conference. Read the event message and give us your great ideas. We want you to participate.

Event Message

Let's Take Action

Our world is in a climate emergency. We know buildings are giant contributors to the crisis and therefore our buildings, new and existing, must be turned into climate emergency first responders, now. The building industry’s business-as-usual methods must end. But what can replace it, and how? 

Passive House

Passive House building design, construction and operations recognizes that architects and engineers, builders, owners, and the institutions that finance them have enormous power to leverage architectural solutions and provide not just effective climate mitigation and adaptation outcomes, but resilient and sustainable-community solutions that can radically drive down energy demand, raise performance, support electrification and a green grid, and produce healthy, equitable and safer outcomes, that serve all people. Buildings built or renovated to the Passive House standard are fundamental solutions to our crises.

Access Power

To make our sustainable future possible, people and communities must access power: the tools, the education, and the financing and community engagement that drive successful building projects and public policies needed to align and support our aggressive sustainability goals. By connecting Passive House know-how across stakeholder groups, Passive House can also be a core answer in our quest to empower the alignment of diverse efforts.


We can do this, and the 2022 Passive House Network National Conference, Passive House For All, will investigate emergent project design, technical and construction solutions; the intersection with finance industry practice and initiatives, training, property development, community activism, and public policy approaches. How do we connect money, creativity, business, and community needs, to align efforts and propel successful projects?

From technical sessions to dedicated roundtable discussions, the conference will draw out the intersections of stakeholder interests and how we can deliver high-quality buildings, public health, environmental justice, and sustainable communities.

Let’s use this conference, together, to drive the change that is so desperately needed.

Great Ideas

If you’re an architect, engineer, builder, consultant, owner, lender, policymaker, community activist, or simply a concerned person, we invite you to submit your ideas and your proposals for topics, speakers, and formats for our 2022 Passive House conference.

The submission deadline is December 1, 2021.  Thank you!

Boston & New England

The conference will held in Boston, Massachusetts, a hotbed of Passive House activity and the center of gravity for the New England region, a long-time leader in sustainable building practices. The Passive House Network is excited to work with our membership in the region, our chapters across the country, and a range of  regional sustainability oriented groups, including the pioneering Passive House groups Passive House MassachusettsPassivhausMAINEConnecticut Passive House, and Vermont Passive House.

Event Schedule

    • Wednesday, June 15: Half-day, online only sessions.
    • Thursday, June 16: In-person building tours  & in-person evening social in Boston.
    • Friday, June 17: All day, in-person sessions accessible live-online.
    • Saturday, June 18: Additional In-person building tours.

In-Person Venue

District Hall is in the Seaport neighborhood (https://districthallboston.org/) – a short walk from downtown Boston and easily accessible by the T, and Mass Pike.

Exhibitors & Sponsorship

If you share our drive for industry-leading, high-quality solutions, we invite your company to consider participating as an exhibitor and sponsor, contact us at [email protected],