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General Event Information


PHN 2022 Conference: Passive House For All


PHN 2022 Conference: Passive House For All, is a national event taking place online June 10, and in-person and online, on June 17. Experts from across the interrelated disciplines of energy efficiency, building electrification, embodied carbon and improved social equity will present, discuss, and explore the possibilities to leverage their complementary efforts. There will also be an Expo with leading manufacturers and service providers – both online and in Boston.


For more event information or to obtain a press pass email [email protected] or phone 929-376-8539.


Press Releases

May 16, 2022: The Passive House Network Announces Buildings Tour for Boston Conference
May 9, 2022: The Passive House Network Announces Program or National Building Conference Focused on Integrated Climate Action
April 4, 2022: The Passive House Network Announces Early Bird Registration for June National Building Conference in Boston

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The PHN 2022 Buildings Tour is a great way to see Passive House in-action, hear directly from the professionals with their work, and make new Passive House friends along the way.  Find out more & Register Today! #PassiveHouseForAll #PHN22

Conferences have many parts. To simplify, the PHN 2022 Conference Overview provides program details, schedule overview, in-person floor plan and more. Dig In, Find Out More & Register Today!  #PassiveHouseForAll #PHN22

Check out the PHN 2022 program! It’s designed to inform, challenge and inspire. Efficiency, Electrification, Embodied Carbon, Equity – let’s work across disciplines & find new optimized solutions. Register Today! #PassiveHouseForAll #PHN22

Let’s not take energy efficiency for granted. The program acknowledges efficiency as the foundation for a wide array of sustainability goals – setting us all up for success. Find out more & Register Today! #EfficiencyFirst #PassiveHouseForAll #PHN22 

Stop burning fossil fuels. Go all electric. Simple? The PHN 2022 program dives into all-electric choices, the frontiers, the gaps and opportunities Passive House provides. Find out more & Register Today! #GasBan #PassiveHouseForAll #PHN22

While energy efficiency & electrification are a good start, don’t forget those costly embodied carbon emissions! We can excel at all three – let’s figure it out. Find out more & Register Today! #EmbodiedCarbon #PassiveHouseForAll #PHN22

Climate solutions require making sustainable communities. And that’s impossible without social equity. No justice, no solutions. Passive House can help. Find out more & Register Today! #SocialJustice #PassiveHouseForAll #PHN22

Let’s transform our built environment w/ integrated solutions: efficiency, social equity, electrification, & embodied carbon. Let’s take radical holistic action to build a prosperous future for all people. Join us June 10 & 17! #PassiveHouseForAll

Discover how Passive House supports electrification, a green grid, & healthy, more equitable outcomes. No matter your priorities, Passive House lays the foundation for your success. Learn how it’ll supercharge your efforts. Join us! #PassiveHouseForAll

Attend 100% online, or attend remotely on 6/10 & in-person on 6/17. #PHN22 will include 25+ sessions, a manufacturers expo, workshops, building tours, and two happy hours. Meet and mingle with your fellow change-makers. Join us! #PassiveHouseForAll

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