Passive House Windows

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Course Overview

The Passive House Windows is a specialty course within The Passive House Network’s educational offerings. This course group includes 4 Passive House Windows courses where you will be introduced to the history of windows and what makes Passive House windows unique, plus learn how to design and detail windows, look at Passive House window calculations, and how to install Passive House windows.

In this course, you’ll explore the passive house principle of high-performance windows in depth, discover how Passive House windows affect comfort, calculate the relationship between windows and thermal bridges, check energy balances and look at case studies throughout the course.

Courses included

Introduction to Passive House Windows
How to Design and Detail Passive House Windows
Calculating Passive House Windows
How to Install Passive House Windows

Note: Since these are stand-alone courses, there is some overlap, or review, of content within the courses. This also means, you can take them in any order without missing critical information to understanding the content of the course.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

Identify and define basic terminology and concepts associated with measuring window performance
Identify different key components that make up high-performance windows
Analyze and review different strategies for siting, orienting, and shading buildings.
Do basic calculations related to windows and air temperature differences including calculating window U-values.
Describe how to spec and install windows to avoid the risk of mold and condensation
Calculate window energy balance
Recognize the roles of various control layers within the building and how windows are integrated and connected to those layers
Describe the effect of windows on occupant comfort
Evaluate the different operation types and materials used in high performance windows
Identify and describe different methods for how to install PH windows effectively, including thermal bridge free installations, over insulations, and proper shading.

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