Thank You Varsha!

Varsha has been working as a Communications Intern since mid-May, and has created a lot of the graphics and copy you may have seen in our social media channels or email campaigns. 

We are happy (and sad) to announce that Varsha will be leaving this week to work as a Building Systems Analyst with Steven Winter Associates! We couldn’t be more excited for this new opportunity for Varsha inside of the Passive House community. 

Varsha Halarnkar is an architect with over two years of professional experience in multifamily residential design and construction. She is a recent graduate in Master of Science in Sustainability in the Urban Environment from the City College of New York and received her Bachelor of Architecture from the Academy of Architecture in Mumbai, India.

In addition to being a Passive House enthusiast, she wants to focus on built environment sustainability, energy efficiency, and urban resilience.

Good luck Varsha! Steven Winter Associates is lucky to have you.