Interviews from PH2021: Passive House For All

At this year’s NAPHN conference, June 10-11 in NYC, we had the pleasure of hosting an interview series produced by the Passive House Accelerator and Accelerator Director Zack Semke. It was great to be back in person.

Zack had conversations with leaders, educators, developers, and practitioners from the hustle and bustle conference hall floor. A goal of the conference was to bring fresh voices and new perspectives to the Passive House conversation, and we believe this series is a great demonstration of the variety of participation. We captured 18 interviews in all, including:

  1. Michael Ingui, Baxt Ingui Architects
  2. Lois Arena, Steven Winter Associates
  3. Edie Dillman, B.Public Prefab
  4. Beth Eckenrode, Auros Group
  5. Jose Sosa, Panama PassivHaus Chapter at Latin American Passivhaus Institute
  6. Derrick Tillman, Bridging the Gap Development
  7. In Cho, Cho Shields Studio
  8. Bronwyn Barry, NAPHN and BB Passive House
  9. Shannon Pendleton, Sanderson Sustainable Design
  10. Craig Stevenson, NAPHN and Auros Group
  11. Ken Levenson, NAPHN
  12. Eddy Voltaire, Design Construction & Sustainability, Inc.
  13. Kevin Brennan, Brennan Brennan Airtightness & Insulation
  14. Zack Semke, Passive House Accelerator (interviewed by Kevin Brennan)
  15. Mary Anne Akers, Morgan State University
  16. Lori Atwater, Transformation Village
  17. Mikhail Haramati, NYSERDA
  18. Sophia Rini, ROCKWOOL North America

The Passive House Accelerator is publishing these interviews as bonus episodes on the Passive House Podcast and NAPHN will share them below as they go live. Enjoy!