Education Overview

Education Overview

Pick a course suited to your needs.

NAPHN’s Passive House education is accessible and can meet you where you’re at.

No matter your background, depending on how you work with buildings, there are courses appropriate for your needs. While architects, engineers, and consultants are obvious candidates, these courses are meant for contractors, project managers, and a wide variety of industry stakeholders – from developers and real estate professionals to policymakers and regulators.

We might also describe Passive House education as a four-part process, that builds on the formal course work, to include the apprenticeship education that comes with the building certification process.

passive house education pathway

Courses are also offered in a variety of formats, to accommodate learning preferences:

  • In-Person (temporarily suspended for pandemic)
  • Live-Online
  • On-Demand Online
  • In-House (customized schedule and content is possible)

For over 26 years the Passive House Standard has been the state-of-the-art scientific foundation of high-performance and net-zero buildings, around the world.  Training qualified professionals is an essential prerequisite for successful Passive House construction.  

Cost: For a course pricing overview see this pricing schedule.

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Introductory Courses Overview

Introductory courses are important for people that:

  • Are interested in Passive House but are unlikely to need a full professional Passive House education
  • Are interested in getting a full professional education but want to go in step-by-step.

There are two introductory courses currently available:

1-HR On-Demand Online Introduction to Passive House

An easy first step into the world of Passive House. Passive House goals and methodology change the way architects and builders think and work, making the architecture itself a driver of climate, health, and social solutions. In this one-hour course, NAPHN Executive Director, Ken Levenson, dives into the basic principles, history, and the new frontiers of Passive House as it continues to challenge and change industry expectations.…and be sure to hang in for the bonus content!

Begin this free Passive House course now!

1-Day Live-Online Introduction to Passive House

This is a 6-hour course that dives into the basic principles, history, certification, and the new frontiers of Passive House design as it continues to challenge and change industry expectations. All theory is then illustrated through several case studies outlining specific Passive House principles. A great way to dig deeper. The course has 6 HSW/LU AIA credits. REGISTER HERE

Cost: For a course pricing overview see this pricing schedule.

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Core Certification Courses Overview

Core certification courses are appropriate for those who will be working on Passive House building projects – from tradespeople to building owners. It is particularly critical for those contractors, and design, engineering, consulting professionals with responsibility for the execution of the building. It can also be useful for regulators, developers and others where a deeper understanding is useful.

The courses are structured to not only have a deep understanding of Passive House but prepare students to take the exam required for certification. After passing the exam, depending on the course and your professional profile, you may obtain the accreditation of either a Certified Passive House Designer, Consultant or Tradesperson.

There are two types of core certification courses the Designer Course and the Tradesperson Course.

Cost: For a course pricing overview see this pricing schedule.

Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant (CPHD/C)

This course is for all building professionals: architects,  MEP and structural engineers, builders, and construction managers working in the design and construction of new build and retrofit Passive House buildings.  With 5 days of in-class instruction and additional e-learning modules that can be completed at one’s own pace, participants will get a thorough grounding in the critical aspects of Passive House design and construction. Students will be able to apply the lessons learned directly to their real-world work experience, and join a team in making Passive House buildings. On successfully passing the exam, participants will receive the internationally recognized accreditation as Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant. This course is accredited by the AIA for 35 LUs.

The CPHD/C course is currently available in two formats:


It’s the same robust CPHD/C training but in the format of a self-paced 10-12 week course. 15 modules on-demand with 2 live-online trainer-led webinars. You can start at any time, with the workflow pointing to a series of regularly scheduled exams.



This course is the premier training program for Passive House building professionals working on residential, institutional, and commercial projects – supported by a 25+ year history of global technical leadership by the Passive House Institute – with 5 days of instruction and 7 additional on-demand modules. 


Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT)

This course is for all building professionals: tradespeople, site supervisors, general contractors builders, and construction managers, who will be involved in the construction of Passive House building. This course can also be appropriate for architects,  MEP and structural engineers, developers, and owners’ representatives. On successfully passing the exam, participants will receive the internationally recognized accreditation as Certified Passive House Tradesperson. 

NAPHN has partnered with EMU Building Systems to provide the CPHT training online.


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Specialized Courses Overview

Specialized training is an important part in becoming proficient in professional Passive House design and project execution. Over the course of 2021 NAPHN will be launching a complete pathway of specialized courses.


Cost: For a course pricing overview see this pricing schedule.

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Building Certification

The building certification process is not a NAPHN training course but you would be well served to consider it an essential part of rounding out your Passive House education and continuing your education as you greet new building situations and circumstances. Working with building certifiers allows you to tap into institutional knowledge of their experience and that shared among the North American Certifiers Circle.


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