Tim Eian
TE Studio, Ltd. D/B/A/ Intep Integrated Planning
Business Type
Architecture and Consulting
Contact Information
901 23rd Avenue Northeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418
Single Family Residential, Multifamily Residential, Mixed-Use, Industrial
Brief Description

Tim Delhey Eian founded TE Studio in 2008 to offer holistic, performance-based design to clients in North America. At TE Studio, we feel that it is important to create buildings that deliver on many levels of design and performance, and provide real measurable value to our clients.

We are expert and veteran Passive House designers, dedicated to beautiful, durable, functional, and earth-friendly building designs that offer healthy environments and economy to meet our client’s needs—both now and in the future. At TE Studio, we designed the first certified Passive House in the Americas (the Waldsee BioHaus), the first new construction in a very cold climate zone, the first retrofit in a very cold climate zone, as well as the first certified Passive House buildings in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.