The North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) fosters a vibrant and open Passive House community.  We are incorporated as a legal Cooperative in order to formally share resources, information and financial benefits and responsibilities. Our common mission is to support and promote regional groups that promote the international Passive House Standard to the public at large. The intent of the organization is to maintain a small footprint and minimize any potential financial demands on member groups.

NAPHN’s Mission: 

The North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) works cooperatively in support of advocacy member organizations to promote, advocate and mobilize the building industries of North America to implement the international Passive House Standard and dramatically improve the quality and sustainability of our built environment.

NAPHN’s Vision: 

Our goal is to rapidly and radically transform the built environment for a POST CARBON ALL-RENEWABLE ENERGY FUTURE. We support using the 5 key Passive House strategies that point towards a universally equitable heating load target of 10 W/m2. We openly engage others that achieve and support our shared vision.

NAPHN Structure:

The North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) is a member-owned cooperative consisting of independent, regional Passive House advocacy organizations operating across the North American continent. Our owners are democratically run, non-profit membership groups, all working to help implement and promote the adoption of the international Passive House Standard in their local region.

NAPHN Goals:

  • Code/Regulatory adoption of PH norms at regional, national and international levels.
  • Consumer/industry adoption of PH norms at regional, national and international levels.
  • Net-zero/post-carbon global building economy.
  • Fully functional member organizations. (by workable business plans)
  • Establish industry capacity. (by facilitating trainings)
  • Establish – expert and popular – awareness. (by branding/marketing)

NAPHN’s Founding Guidelines:


Regional groups are members of NAPHN. Individuals and commercial corporations cannot be members of NAPHN.

Organizational Form: 

NAPHN originally operated as an unincorporated association of regional member organizations.  On July 24, 2014, four of the existing regional member representatives filed documents to incorporate as a Cooperative Corporation.  This filing allowed the NAPHN to better serve and represent a growing membership without being reliant on any one particular member organization.  It will continue to maintain the simplest legal structure necessary to accomplish the Network’s functions. 

How We Work:  

For day-to-day operations, representatives from the member organizations convene regularly to share updates on regional activities.  Mutually beneficial information and resources are exchanged between regional organizations on a voluntary basis. Shared events and activities are initiated at these meetings and management of those tasks are determined.  Member representatives at these regular roundtable meetings determine duties and functions of the NAPHN Cooperative.   Additional tasks and sub-committee meetings are held, as necessary, to perform the functions and duties of the organization.  Each member organization has one vote.  Decisions are reached via consensus, or a super-majority vote when consensus is not attainable.


Each member organization designates a representative to NAPHN.  Out of the designated representatives a 9 member board of directors is elected, and from the 9, the officers.  See the representatives, directors and officers listed at the lower right of this page.  See Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, also at the lower right, for more information.


Financial support is generated through the services provided by NAPHN, either to the public at large such as the annual NAPHN conference, or to member organizations, which may be in the form of administrative or marketing support as mutually agreed and contracted for.  Additionally, as the cooperative determines necessary, member organizations may be required to invest in General Stock.  It is the goal of the cooperative to grow in a way that will maximize service generated income and minimize the need for member investment.  Gifts and sponsorships by individuals or organizations with common goals, are also a welcome form of financial support. Upon signing the Subscription Agreement each member organization pays a one-time fee of $100 US, for one share of Member Stock.

Services Provided: 

NAPHN’s services are to be limited to those tasks that are mutually agreed upon by the members. 

Reciprocal professional level membership: 

NAPHN members agree to extend the same discounted member rate to other regional NAPHN member group members, for events hosted by the regional organization, or other benefits directly provided by the members as mutually and specifically agreed to.

Why Are There Two “Passive Houses”?
Many are confused about how or why PHI and PHIUS are both promoting “Passive House” but do it separately.   This short description aims to help clarify the situation while answering some basic questions.  The document is in pdf format here.