NAPHN is a trusted partner and advisor of government and industry. And with chapter and affiliate organizations from coast-to-coast, NAPHN is committed to the transformation of the building industry via the widespread adoption of Passive House design and construction.

NAPHN’s work is rooted in a profound  new vision for the future of buildings, with an equally ambitious mission that is intended to deliver critical impacts – each briefly explained here:

NAPHN’s Vision:  A world in which buildings deliver efficiency, comfort, affordability, resilience and healthy indoor air, in support of a post-carbon, all renewable energy future.

NAPHN’s Mission: Transformation of the built environment in North America using the tools and frameworks developed by the international Passive House Standard and supported by the United Nations. We provide training, conferences, and other events to both engage and educate design and building professionals, policymakers and the general public in support of making low-energy Passive House design and construction the accepted standard.

NAPHN’s Impact Statement:  As a respected and effective national organization, working in partnership with leading stakeholders across all building sectors such as governments, professional associations, manufacturers, owners, builders, labor organizations, and educational institutions, we expect to drive the adoption of the practices and products that enable Passive House levels of performance in communities and regions across North America.

NAPHN Structure:

NAPHN is a nonprofit corporation with an independent Board of Directors. The organization bylaws are here – and the conflict of interest policy is here

There are board committees that help organize and govern NAPHN.  See the current committees and members, here.

NAPHN has a formal commitment to gender and racial equity in its governance.  See the current policies on board composition, here.


  • Sharon Gaber, Manager. 450 Lexington Avenue #3717, NY, NY 10163 sharon(at)naphnetwork.org.

Board of Directors:

  • Bronwyn Barry, Chair. San Francisco, CA
  • Rob Bernhardt, Vice-Chair. Victoria, BC
  • Naomi Beal, Treasurer. Freeport, ME
  • Ken Levenson, Secretary.  Brooklyn, NY.
  • Laura Blau, Philadelphia PA
  • Rob Conboy, Burlington, VT
  • Tim Eian, Minneapolis, MN
  • Sylvie Guevin, Quebec, Canada
  • Darren Macri, Ramsey, NJ
  • Andrew Michler, Boulder, CO
  • Brandon Nicholson, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Tomas O’Leary, Wicklow, Ireland
  • Barry Stephens, Maine
  • Tim Weyand, Seattle WA

For over 26 years the Passive House Standard has been the state-of-the-art scientific foundation of high-performance and net-zero buildings, around the world.  Training qualified professionals is an essential prerequisite for successful Passive House construction. Basic training can be toward becoming a Certified Passive House Designer, Consultant or a Certified Tradesperson. Specialized technical training is also available. NAPHN is dedicated to accelerating Passive House training across North America.

Why Are There Two “Passive Houses”?
Many are confused about how or why PHI and PHIUS are both promoting “Passive House” but do it separately.   This short description aims to help clarify the situation while answering some basic questions.  The document is in pdf format here.