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What’s Next? Passive + Renewables graphic

What’s Next? Passive + Renewables

Save the date on your calendar – the next North American Passive House Network Conference hosted by Passive House California will be held in Oakland, California!

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Passive House Accelerates graphic

Passive House Accelerates

The North American Passive House Network Conference & Expo (NAPHN16) program book –Passive House Accelerates is now available for download. The book provides an overview of the conference and the people, companies, […]

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A Proposal to VeriPHy graphic

A Proposal to VeriPHy

Passive House Certification by the Passive House Institute and its worldwide network of accredited certifiers has a long track record of reliable quality assurance.  Yet as Passive House grows in […]

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What’s So Special About Passive House Ventilation Equipment Anyway? graphic

The assurance of comfort and indoor high air quality for building occupants is central to a Passive House certification. Fluctuations in indoor temperatures, and air quality concerning both CO2 as […]

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Net Zero Energy Buildings: Passive House + Renewables – a new eBook from NAPHN graphic

Everyone talks about Net Zero and more and more people are talking about Passive House.   Net Zero Energy Buildings: Passive House + Renewables demonstrates that the Passive House pathway is the best […]

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