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Western Pennsylvania Joins NAPHN graphic

Western Pennsylvania Joins NAPHN

We are proud to announce that Passive House Western Pennsylvania (PHWPA) has become NAPHN’s newest member group.   PHWPA is anchored in Pittsburgh, a city pushing to be a sustainability […]

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2016 NAPHN Conference is Announced graphic

2016 NAPHN Conference is Announced

  NAPHN 2016 Conference & Expo: Achieving 80% carbon reductions by 2050, is announced for 2016.   The Third Annual North American Passive House Network Conference & Expo will be […]

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Breaking News Out of Washington DC and New York graphic

Breaking News Out of Washington DC and New York

NAPHN member organization, New York Passive House (NYPH), has reported on their blog an important Passive House initiative launched by New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR), titled White House […]

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Passive House Examples in Public Administration and Regulation graphic

As the popularity of Passive House grows, more public agencies are acknowledging its utility and significance in their planning for a low-carbon future, and are officially incorporating Passive House references and […]

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NAPHN14 in Maine, Martin and a Few Inches of Sub-Slab Insulation graphic

October 3, 2014 This past weekend saw a lively debate on Twitter between Martin Holladay, myself and a few other Tweeps over what amounts to a few inches of insulation. […]

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